We often see in a house there are various kinds of furniture made from teak wood that has high artistic value. For example, we put a dining table and chairs made of teak wood in the dining room which has been designed such that the teak table and chairs from the very high artistic value. Chairs and dining table that has the qualities that tend to be durable when used as the material of teak wood is proven durable. Use of dining table and chairs made of teak considered very elegant, it is evident not only in the house who uses the property with teak wood base materials but also for home decoration eat many who take advantage of tables and chairs made of teak.

wooden home
home design of wood

In addition to a dining table and chairs made of teak wood, we often find a cupboard with teak wood is also placed in a room in the house. Wardrobe with teak wood is very sturdy to hold the weight of the clothes contained therein. We also know teak wood is very strong wood used as raw material for the manufacture of a wide range of properties that will be placed in the home or functioned as it should. Until old age teak wood is known to still solid as is evident from the nature of the wood that was weathered with age.

Therefore various reasons arise when people asked why choose to use teak wood as a raw material for making furniture such as desks, chairs, cabinets, and various other furniture. One reason is assessed in terms of durability. The durability of furniture made from teak wood could no doubt. Even to many - years in furniture made from teak wood is still used by the owner by reason of strength and long lasting durability. In addition, the shape of the furniture will not change over time. Another reason someone using furniture made from teak is assessed in terms of their art. Teak wood has high artistic value when used as a base material for the manufacture of the property, especially the property that will be placed in the home.

Photo Decoration And Furniture Design House Of Wood

Wood is a very important element and is used in construction, interior design furniture specifically his. Being a perennial materials, wood is actually a basic ingredient for many home interior design. Wood furniture brings charm and a warm, cozy look to any interior design. That's why today we have prepared 25 beautiful wood furniture design, great inspiration if you are thinking about redecorating your home.

Wood is the main material used for furniture in the living room. Chocolate-brown furnishings perfectly matches the walls and carpets, the combination offers the peace and warm. Wood has a quality that is painted in any color you like. This white space into an elegant living and through the presence of a black wooden furniture, red lights and white walls of the heart supplied and red decoration elements. Natural wood furniture such as room fireplace offers warmth. Wooden table set on a furry brown carpet set for two people and give the impression of peace and intimacy.

living room

This living space is really wood, placed in the attic.! The whole room is made of wood floors, ceilings, and furniture, everything in the same brown tones, providing warmth and softness. Warm impression obtained from the oval table and chairs and while lighting can be of oval lights that hang above the table and out of the window glass.

tv cupboard

This image shows a brown wooden furniture, creating a royal atmosphere, relaxing effect. Look at how beautiful pink roses from the closet and what is fit between the brown walls and wood shades. It's living room enjoying views of white and wood library that houses white TV set adds freshness and warmth, increased in the same time in the room elegance.

A white living room is covered by mahogany floors, wooden furniture featuring natural, consisting in a rectangular wooden table, wooden shelves for TV sets and other goods and a small wooden library. All combined with exotic plants in pots antique provide light atmosphere of peace and tranquility to the entire room. Wood mahogany brown perfectly matches the walls green and pink, the color combination of the spring, giving life to a room.

design for bed

Wood is a material that is perfect for the bedroom. Look beautiful and comfortable bedroom with a bed of natural wood and painted walls, in perfect symbiosis with the furniture. Light from the large windows and the green exotic plants provide a warm and intimate space. A bedroom with walls bathed in orange light coming from the large windows and elegant spot lights in the right place at the top of a large wooden bed, wooden table and black beautiful fluffy carpet installed at the bed's feet, such as the extension of the bed itself.

bedstead wood

The bedroom with fitted white shades with white furniture, with a combination of a black portrait on the wall, black carpets and blankets, creating an elegant and fashionable atmosphere. Combining wood with stone, bedroom of this image adds a plus of elegance and comfort through the wood floor, white wooden bed and night table, side by side with a stone wall behind the bed which is a strong element in a light atmosphere created by the wood.

The elegance of this surprising, shades of mahogany offers masculine atmosphere. A wall is completely made of wood, wood furniture of the same and even the bed has a brown color, the details of which give a sweet taste to the room like a man. Instead, this bedroom is made entirely of wood has a natural color of wood and forged into a feminine atmosphere, quiet and sensitive.

Sometimes it is enough to feel the caress through one piece of furniture, like this warm brown wood sofa curved to follow the curves to create intimacy and tenderness of wood and pointed to the fact that the timber can be processed into a variety of shapes and forms. It's easy to turn wood. You can build a small library and original, bookshelves create curved and wavy bookshelf, originally caught in the wall, you can build a wooden leg to a glass table, in order to improve the intimacy and warmth of a cafe au lait good living space, as in the picture below this.

designs kitchen set

You can play and configure the wood in various shapes and original furniture, such an attractive rectangular shelf, which blend together in fine shape, creating a native library for your living space. Another quality of the wood is that it can be used in any room, which is easily processed. This way, you can admire the pleasure of a beautiful wooden kitchen, white walls and elegant wooden furniture brown, creating a well-equipped rooms and intimate for a family reunion at the end of a long day of hard work.

wood furniture designs kitchen set

A kitchen is equipped with a brown wood furniture, in combination with white floors, white tablecloths and white flowers, bring a little freshness in, invite family members to take the perfect dinner. Wood itself speaks, telling the story of the family. When the kitchen is a small portion of the outstanding home and enjoy the presence of the sea, as seen through the floor to ceiling large windows, the presence of wood furniture is a plus. The kitchen is large and clean, enjoy the sunshine and sweet yellow shades of wood borrowing reflected the atmosphere of a dream for the whole room.
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